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TealLock Corporate Edition, Security for PDAs with Administration Function TealLock Corporate Edition 7.15  colour HiRes  Palm OS 5


Date: 05/27/09
Developer: TealPoint Software
PalmOS v4.0
Price: GBP 19,13   [Shopping Cart]   [EUR] [USD]
TealLock Corporate Edition



Downloads total: 691  Downloads this month: 1 
Size: 3442 KB


TealLock Corporate Edition

'The problem of data security can only be mastered when companies advise their PDA users to protect their devices. ' - Mark Margevicius, The Gartner Group

TealLock is an extensive program for securing and protecting handhelds from unwanted access.


Program Features:


  • Administrator Access:
  • Administrator configuration with full access
  • Users cannot deactivate TealLock
  • Users cannot adjust the settings
  • Users cannot delete the program


  • Password control options
  • Set a minimum password length
  • Set passwords to require letters and numbers
  • Password deactivation after a certain number of days
  • Close out users after too many false attempts
  • Automatic deletion of the file after too many false attempts
  • Necessary assignment of a password after a new installation


  • Connectivity options
  • Lock/Unlock other handhelds
  • Administrator enters code in one device
  • Temporary key for access to another device can be generated
  • Temporary key expires one hour following usevorläufiger
  • Temporary key only valid on one device


  • Installation Features:
  • Quick installation, set-up with a handheld
  • Settings can be repeated for other handhelds
  • Collective set up of programs and settings
  • Automatic aktivation after reset
  • After the input of the installation password the user must provide a new password

    General Program Features:


  • automatic locking of the PDA
  • automatic hiding of private entries
  • activation with switch off
  • activation after a given time, day or week
  • industry standard: MD5 HASH
  • 128-bit password encryption
  • password definition with expiration date
  • masked passwords
  • HotSync, serial, and infrared blocking
  • freely insertable screen text
  • freely insertable background picture
  • animated display possible
  • battery power display
  • time, date display
  • number keyboard on display
  • deletion protection of data
  • automatic switch on for background illumination
  • data destruction function adjustable
  • Update Information
    Last updated on 05/27/09

    Version 7.02

  • Added fix to allow green/red buttons to answer/reject incoming calls on lock screen on older Treos (Treo 650)

    Version 7.01

  • Fixed optional graffiti shift indicator to draw properly on lock screen
  • Fixed tabs characters to support transparent text option

    Version 7.00

  • Added activation option to engage system key-guard before power off when locked
  • Added display option to show keyboard/graffiti shift indicator on lock screen
  • Added display option for up to three different emergency phone numbers
  • Added encryption option to set whether abort button affects only current file
  • Added input option for button shortcut custom keys to wait for long press (hold) for buttons that auto-repeat
  • Added locking option to lockout incoming phone calls even when phone dialer app is allowed
  • Added unlocking option to temporarily unlock for brief moment if device is powered up in specified time range
  • Added workaround for bug in TX to re-enable full screen mode icon in landscape mode after system mistakenly disables it
  • Improved policy files to not change prior registration key state when updating policy
  • Improved protect mode to allow dialing from SMS app
  • Improved protect mode to allow callback from attention manager 'missed call' dialog
  • Improved protect mode to allow dialing from third party apps that use system dial dialog
  • Improved protect mode to allow global find with two-button press (prevously required holding down of option button)
  • Improved SMS password locking to automatically disable quick password and immediately encrypt all files
  • Improved text fields for dialing buttons to non-numeric fields to allow non-numeric characters such as '+'
  • Fixed automatic lockout of hardware buttons when 'wrong password' dialog is open
  • Fixed looping problem with apps like Treo Voice Dialer that silently launch themselves with screen off
  • Fixed conflict with apps that clear key queue from interfering with autosleep after locking
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