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Agendus Premier, Advanced personal information manager for the Palm Agendus Premier 13.06  colour HiRes Bluetooth Palm OS 5


Date: 11/24/09
Developer: iambic
Full Version
PalmOS v5.0
Price: GBP 37,59   [Shopping Cart]   [EUR] [USD]
Agendus Premier



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Downloads total: 3.067  Downloads this month: 4 
Size: 13810 KB


Agendus Premier is a professional solution for managing personal information and communications on your Palm.

Agendus Premier includes:

Agendus Professional, our award-winning, fully-integrated, personal information manager

Agendus Mail SSL Edition, our secure email client that lets you access and respond to your email and SMS messages from wherever you are

Agendus Attendees Module, an intelligent and efficient way to leverage the Over-the-Air capabilities of Treo Smartphones to get meetings scheduled

» Agendus Premier Takes the Hassle Out of Scheduling Meetings

Sending Appointment Invitations
Simply choose contacts from your address book, create the meeting’s description, and Agendus will send a SMS (text message) immediately to the invitees.

Checking for Free Time
Agendus automatically scans invitees’ schedules for availability (if they have Agendus installed as well) and informs them if detects a conflict in their calendars

When the intelligent notification arrives, the invitee can accept or decline without delay.

Tracking Responses
Agendus keeps track of responses so you’ll know exactly how many people accepted, declined, or have not replied to your meeting in real time.

» Agendus Premier is an Open Communications Platform

Invitees can receive and respond to meeting notifications without having Agendus installed on their mobile device.

» Agendus Premier can replace the need for a Scheduling Server

Managing group schedules no longer requires setting up and configuring an enterprise scheduling solution such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino, since Agendus Premier uses SMS (text message) to bypass these requirements and allows for peer-to-peer connections between meeting organizers and attendees.

» Why Consider Agendus Premier?

Is coordinating your schedule between many co-workers and friends difficult, frustrating or even painful due to the inability to find a common free time between groups of busy people?

Does it seem like your invite falls into a black hole with either slow or non-existent response? Is using too many different types of devices and platforms for invites confusing?

If you are looking for an efficient way to schedule meetings with Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilities, instant responses and a quick and painless scheduling management, then Agendus Premier is the perfect solution for you.

» Additional Benefits Organizers are able to quickly and easily schedule meetings right from their Treo's contact list. Meeting attendees can accept or decline meetings right from their Treos, without having the privacy of their schedules compromised. Those without Agendus are still able to receive notifications about the meeting, regardless of their own lack of a smartphone. If invitees decide to convert to Agendus, the setup a system based on Agendus Premier is simpler and cheaper than creating and maintaining a server to hold everyone’s schedules. For additional details and a complete walkthrough please refer to the Features Area.

Update Information
Last updated on 11/24/09
New to Version 12

  • New photo-dialer shows image and name

  • Set the alarm independently of other factors- alarms are displayed in the calendar

  • New journal view in the calendar (nur Professional- und Premier-Edition)

  • Upgraded Daily Journal ( Professional and Premier Edition only)

  • New project manager functions (Professional and Premier Edition only)

  • Assign several addresses to a single task (Professional and Premier Edition only)

  • Assign documents, images and other objects to tasks, appointments and addresses (Professional and Premier Edition only)

  • Current stock quotes (Professional and Premier Edition only)

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